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Get n Find IP in Live Messenger (MSN)

| Tuesday, July 8, 2008
IP or Internet Protocol is an unique address of computer that gonna need to connect to the internet. This means IP is an identity of the person who connect to world wide web. If someone try to communicate using text, video, audio or voice in MSN or Windows Live Messenger they also need an IP or Internet Protocol to connect with it.

Now, how can we know the IP of the person who chat with us using Live Messenger or MSN Messener. How we trace, get, find and know the IP of the person in MSN Messenger such as when we going in Instant Message, File and Photo Share, Voice Conversation and Video Conversation Camera (Webcam).

Actually, I am personally didnt test that this trick would work properly and we can actually know the someone else IP, but for along my experiences I used this trick for Yahoo Messenger and also others instant Messaging, this trick or tips always work. Now prepare yourself to find out how we find and get someone else IP thru Live Messenger or MSN.

Just like how we can get the IP from Yahoo Messenger, first go to command promp application in your Operating System (I used Windows XP):

Start :: Run :: cmd :: Enter

That steps above means, click start then run, type "cmd" (without quotes) and then press enter.

After the command prompt windows appears, now write a command "netstat -n" or "netstat -a" (without quote), press enter. You will see all of Active Connection in your computer. What IP going in local address and also The IP of foreign address.

With that statistic you can analyze the correct IP address of the People that you Chat with. Its better understand that you send a file or make VIdeo Chat with you friend to find out the better understanding to get their IP address. Just a hint: The Port used to Voice Chat usually has Remote Port in 500 or 5001 and for transfer file used port 80 or 81.

For short software you may used to get IP address you can use MSN IP Getter.

Hope you enjoy it!


Adam Bale said...

Email me these files PLEASE!! or
Because the link is dead and there is a person on msn who i don't know, but they know me.

The Aim and Yahoo ones would be useful if i used either of them.

Need their IP to try and find out who they really are..
Tried "netstat -n" with a 2.5MB file transfer no luck

This looks like the best way!